May 31, 2018

How To Fake a Clean House

Cleaning isn't my favorite activity but it's something that has to be done, and if you're anything like me, you have a lot of possessions and limited space to put 'em. If you're having company over or need to clean your house fast, or simply don't have enough space for all of your crap, there is one thing you can do that will make your house look both clean and beautiful: put your junk into pretty containers.

Whether you're late on your spring cleaning or spending your summer moving into a tiny, cramped dorm room, this post is perfect for you!

Everybody has a mess that they need to contain, whether it's hair ties, bobby pins, pens, papers, or even your secret candy stash. When it comes to the vessels used to contain said messes, you could buy them fresh from the store or reuse the packaging of some of your old products. I like to reuse bottles, candle jars, tea tins, or even cardboard boxes to store my junk!


Glass jars are not only great for storing, but also for displaying.


One of the most timeless forms of storage is the good ol' mason jar. I stupidly forgot to include a mason jar in my pictures, hence the higher quality and far more beautiful picture above. Mason jars are great for the kitchen, as they are basically destined to hold granola and tea bags. They're also great for the bathroom, as you can use them for your cotton balls and q-tips! Mason jars are great for giving your home a warm, cozy feel.

If rustic mason jars aren't your thing, another glass form of storage could be your empty candle jars. Depending on the design, candle jars can look a bit sleeker than mason jars, making them perfect for a modern apartment in the city or any type of contemporary living space. I'm currently using one of my clear candle jars to display colored pencils made of tree branches. If you'd rather use your candle jars for storage, you could use them to hold hair ties, bobby pins, or spare change! Candle jars usually come with air-tight lids, in case you have any snacks that you may wanna keep fresh.


Decorative tins are one of my favorite modes of storage!

The dollar section at Target is the best place to find cute containers, whether you're looking for candle jars, tins, or any other vessel that your little heart desires. These Target tins come in all shapes and sizes and they have the cutest patterns, making them perfect for storing virtually anything while looking pretty enough to display.

Aside from my Target tins, I am currently reusing is these beautiful tea tins from a Letterbox tea set. I absolutely love the look of these tins, and I believe that they fit my style perfectly. Seeing as these tins are more vertical than horizontal, I like to use them for long sticky things such as makeup brushes or pencils.


If you have some bigger items that you need to tuck away, decorative boxes are the way to go. I bought these boxes from my local Michaels craft store to hold the ingredients I use to make my Lumineux by Nature products, and boy, were they a great purchase!

Decorative cardboard boxes are also wonderful for holding any papers, pictures or artifacts that you may want to keep. This Letterbox Tea Box is the box that my gorgeous tea tins came in. Although it's just your average cardboard box, I feel like the stamped logo gives it the coolest touch. It's simple yet perfect! I have two of these boxes, and I use one as a memory box and the other as my candy stash.

Well, folks, those are all of my ideas on how to hide your junk while making your house look cute! I hope this post has inspired you to get your shit together and have a clean, fabulous start to your summer!

Until next time,
Jordan x