September 18, 2014

The Hundred-Foot Journey

Hello, everyone! Recently, my family and I went out for dinner and a movie and decided to see The Hundred-Foot Journey. I've been eyeing up this movie for a while now, as it has much to do with food and culture; both things I love! I never planned to write a post like this, but the film was just so good I had to tell you about it!


The film is about a family from India that moves across the world after the death of their mother. As the family is driving through the French countryside, their vehicle breaks down and they end up getting stuck in the town. The family is very big into cooking, especially the oldest son, Hassan. Once they realize they might be stuck in the village for a while, they decide to buy an abandoned restaurant across the street from one of the highest rating restaurants in the south of France and serve up their own Indian cuisine.

The head of the bistro across the street has trouble accepting the strange foreign culture that is now invading her area of business. She is very keen on keeping the food in France traditionally French, and fears the new Indian restaurant will curve that. The family's restaurant eventually picks up business and this worries the fancy French diner across the road. A few chefs from the kitchen decide to take matters into their own hands, doing something they shouldn't and leaving Hassan injured and unable to cook.

Until this point, Madame Mallory (the fancy restaurant owner) was completely opposed to their Indian cuisine. She eventually allows Hassan to cook something for her and prove her wrong. She takes one bite of the meal he cooks and offers Hassan an internship at her restaurant. Because of this upgrade, Hassan becomes well known all over France and is offered many different jobs. Alone, he ventures out into the world of fame and food and realizes no matter how extraordinary things might be elsewhere, nothing compares to home.

Overall, I'd give this film a 10 out of 10. The scenery was beautiful, the script was phenomenal and the acting was fantastic! I understand that movies about food isn't everyone's forte, but it sure is mine! I think anyone that watches this film will enjoy it. It's funny, heartwarming and produced by Oprah and Steven Spielberg, so you know it'll be good! The only problem is that you might leave the theatre feeling a little hungry!


That's it for today's post! I hope I have persuaded you to see this wonderful film. If you've seen it already, tell me what you thought in the comments! I'd love to hear what you think!

Have a lovely day!
Jordan x

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