October 20, 2014

Homecoming 2014

Hello, everyone! This Saturday was our school's Homecoming. For those of you who don't live/aren't from America, Homecoming is an annual dance for students in grade 9 through 12. I'm not too sure of the meaning, but it's an excuse to dance, so who really cares?!

Last year was the first time I attended to Homecoming. I've never been keen on social gatherings as I'm not a very social person, but I thought I might as well go for the experience! It's safe to say that I didn't have the best time. In fact, I might categorize Homecoming as one of the worst nights of my life.

This year, I was dead set on not going. So I rallied up my two best friends and planned on having our own party! Only at this shindig, there would be pizza, movies and cozy blankets. We'll call it, Cominghome.

I took some pictures of our get-together because were having a lovely time, and also because I'd like to introduce you to two of my closest chums!

The night started off with the two Jordans having a rummage around Alivia's dressing table. Here she is showing me an eyebrow brush that she found fascinating.

So many cool things!

This is Alivia. She supplied us with the house and the pizza.

This is Jordan. Here she is, caught off guard with a mouthful of water. Aren't I a great friend?

I swear Jordan was holding up a peace sign!

After pizza, it was hair braiding time.

We spent the majority of the night in this position, watching YouTube videos and talking about life.

The next morning, we sat around drinking tea and watching movies! I went for a hibiscus whilst Alivia and Jordan chose green tea.

He doesn't look very happy!

That's it for today's post! I hope you enjoyed meeting Jordan and Alivia. Get used to their faces, because they're going to be around for a while!

Have a great rest of the month!
Jordan x

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