April 20, 2014

Miranda Sings Concert

Hello, everyone! A little over a week ago, I went to see the lovely Miranda Sings in concert. Formally known as Colleen Ballinger, the paragon of YouTube success cracked some jokes, sang a few songs and taught us several life lessons, all in the space of one hour.

Going into the 'concert', I didn't know what to expect. I pictured her gracing the stage with renditions of the latest radio tunes, but I should've known Miranda had more up her sleeve! She turned that hour into a full-blown seminar! With musical breaks in between, of course.

I took along my 'fancy camera' and snapped some pictures and videos of her in action. Enjoy!

This is what the venue looked like when we first walked in. It was quite small and run-down looking, but the seats were SUPER comfortable! It's not visible in this picture, but wired into the black ceiling were little glowing stars! I thought it was a cute touch.

Before Miranda made her big appearance, Colleen came onstage and sang a few songs to get the audience 'warmed up'. Midway through performing the ever-so-popular Defying Gravity, Colleen ripped off her heels and began the strange transition into Miranda.

This was Miranda giving us a brief summary of the antics she had in store for us. Looking as attractive and professional as always!

In order for the audience to get the full understanding of Miranda's background, she decided to kick off the hour by reenacting her life up to this day. Of course, she started with her birth! Here she is getting comfortable with the fan who will soon be playing Miranda's mother.

And thus, Miranda Sings was born!

The reason Miranda became so famous on YouTube was because of her video "Free Voice Lesson". It was her first video to hit 1,000,000 views and it's kind of what put her on the map. She said that if it wasn't for that video, she wouldn't be here onstage performing for us (her fans) every night. So in honour of that, she decided to give a lucky audience member a voice lesson of their own!

I hope you've enjoyed these pictures! If you were lucky enough to see Miranda in concert, leave your favourite part of the show in the comments section below!

I hope you have a lovely Easter!
Jordan x