October 13, 2015

Jatt Trip #3

Hello, my friends! We did it again. This time, Milwaukee. So sit back and enjoy the ride while we take you along on our date night in the city!

Cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute.

Pictures with The Fonz!

We didn't actually stop into Anodyne this time around, but I couldn't miss the photo opportunity. I do love Anodyne though!

For dinner we went to a wonderful restaurant called Cafe Benelux. It was frickin' awesome. The servers were all so lovely, and the place had such a great vibe. Overall, I'd give it a 9 out of 10. It would be a 10 if it wasn't so dark inside! Still fantastic though.

We both ordered the veggie burger, constructed of a 'pistachio puy lentil patty' and accompanied by avocado, tomato, crispy onions and a chipotle aioli. It was MASSIVE! We also had a choice of regular or sweet potato fries. You know which one I chose.

On our way back to the car from our lovely dinner, we decided to take some 'coupley' pictures along the river. Little did you know, the camera was propped up on my to-go box.

After that, we fed some leftover sweet potato fries to the geese in the river and spent an hour looking for the car park where Matt's car was. We still had a blast. Sometimes getting lost is the best way to find yourself.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed today's post! If you live near the Milwaukee area, grab someone you love and spend the night on the town! There are tons of activities and restaurants and sights to see. Plan it right and you won't be disappointed!

Until next time,
Jordan x