December 30, 2014

Lessons Everyone Should Learn

Hello, everyone! I know I made it out to seem like my last post was the final post of 2014, but I lied to you.

Recently, I was reminiscing on the past year and how much I've grown as a person. Not only have I shot up 2 inches, but I've also learned a lot of things; unconventional things. I'm not talking about the standard 'drugs are bad', 'sleep is good for you' deal, I'm talking about some serious life lessons! The kind of stuff they don't teach you in school, and the kind of stuff you have to figure out through personal experience.

I'm still quite young, and I know I have many chapters to go in The Guide to Life, but everyone's gotta start somewhere. So without further ado, here are some of the lessons I've learned this year through my little experience.

For Goodness' Sake, Just Do It!
Everyone is different, but I'm sure this applies to you in one way or another. Step out of your freaking comfort zone every once in a while.

Always Be Straightforward
There's no point in wasting anyone's time, and if hurting someone's feelings is what you're worried about, you're never going to get anywhere in life.

Listen to Music with Meaning
No more of that big booty, blurred lines crap. Listen to the type of music you hear in films that makes you want to jump or cry, or confess your love to someone. That's the kind of music that heals and inspires you.

Not Everyone Will Like You
Unless you're Oprah Winfrey or Betty White, there will always be someone with something bad to say about you. Instead of changing who you are in the hopes of becoming a perfectly polished version of yourself, just do you. Frankly, they'd hate the new version more, and you're not going to get the right friends if you act like anything but yourself.

Windows are Great
Instead of staring at a computer screen or being on your phone 24/7, look out your window! At night, during the day, in the car, even when you're driving down a road you can follow with your eyes closed. You'll be amazed at what you see when you really look. It also helps with car sickness.

We Are All Going to Die
Let yourself grasp that concept for a second. When you're done having an existential crisis like I did, think about the kind of impact you want to have on this earth. Any at all? Do you want to leave something wonderful behind for the future generations? If so, think about what you're doing right now. Are your actions in the present day aiding in making the world a better place? If so, you're a wonderful person. If not, you're not living. You're merely existing, and you might want to do something about that.

Don't Take Animals For Granted
You shouldn't take anything for granted, but especially your pets. They're not going to be around forever, and you're going to miss their shnuggly faces when they're gone. Kiss them, hug them, cuddle them, play with them and give them as much love and attention as you can. They'll appreciate it and love you right back!

If It Doesn't Feel Right, It's Not.
To me, this came in the form of a bad friendship. For other people, it may come in the form of a testing situation, or even something as literal as an injury. I'm someone that commits very fullheartedly to relationships - probably more than one should - and I've lost many people in the past for being too 'committed' to the friendship. It happened again this year, only this time, it was a case of me thinking it was a 'best-friendship' and them thinking it was something far less. I should've known all along, as there were many signs. It didn't feel right, but I didn't bother to piece together the evidence and do something about it. In the end, it wasn't a good match. My advice to you is that if you sense something isn't right, whether that'd be in a friendship or in a situation where you don't feel comfortable, don't wait until the last second to do something about it. Get out as fast as you can! It will make your life a whole lot easier.

You Are Awesome
Well I don't really know if you're awesome, but I know I'm awesome. I know that because I decided it, and so can you! It's okay to like yourself a little.

Everyone Needs a Hug
And if you're someone that doesn't like hugs, you're doing it wrong. It's scientifically proven that a hug can improve not only your mood, but also your health. Can you believe that?! Go hug someone!

Change Is Good
It's okay to not be the same person you were a year ago! It's perfectly natural to like new things and hate the things you once loved. It could be a food, a genre of music, a TV show, a color, anything. Humans are constantly changing, and for some reason, people are under the impression that change is a horrible thing. Change is the only way we can survive! It's the only way we can grow and mature and find out who we are. Try something new, expand your horizons! Find out a little bit more about yourself.

Live Minimalistic
Don't overcrowd your life. If you haven't used something in the past year, throw it out. If you haven't talked to someone in 6 months, delete their number. If you don't need it, get rid of it. It's as simple as that, and you wouldn't believe the effects that a clear house, head, and conscience can have on a person! If you take one thing away from this post, make it to live simple.

Find Lessons in Everything
Sure you can listen to me talk all day, but that doesn't mean you'll learn anything! The best and most important lessons are the ones you come up with yourself. That means your brain is taking notes from previous situations and making it an 'enlightening experience'.

Those are all the life lessons I have for this year! Maybe I'll come back in December of 2015 and share some more life lessons with you! Until then, keep these in the back of your mind and use 'em on a rainy day.

Have a wonderful 2015!
Jordan x

December 26, 2014

My Favourite Christmas Present

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got everything you wished for! I was going to do a whole "What I Got For Christmas" schpeel, but that'd take forever and I'm sure no one wants to see that! Instead, I'm going to show you a cute little present that I got from my brother.

This beautiful package is the Letterbox Tea Trio from Collectivo. Collectivo is a small chain of coffee shops with a 'down to earth, hippy kinda vibe', as my brother states. For the past few months, he's been raving about this cafe. Finally for Christmas, he got me a souvenir! Right off the bat, they get an A+ for presentation.

All of Collectivo's teas have really cool, unique names. For this particular Tea Trio, I got a peppermint tea called Pure, a black tea called Anthology and a green tea called Mystic.

They even have a little stamp!

How adorable is this? I love cute little touches!

This is what you see when you open the box.

Even the lids are cute!

Every tin has a little message on the back, talking about the tea and the perfect way to brew it. This is the back of the Anthology (black) tea.

These are the teas out of their boxes.

Green tea...

Black tea...

And peppermint!

I think this is a wonderful gift, especially for someone who loves tea! The teas are delicious, and the black tea doesn't have the bitter aftertaste you get with other black teas. It's much more enjoyable! If you're able to get this exact set, I'd definitely recommend it. If not, all you need is three (or more) teas and some cute tins!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a great time with your families! I'm very fortunate that I have the luxury of getting presents, but most importantly, I'm grateful that I have a family to spend the holidays with. Anyway, I'm going to get off the computer now and play with my new toys!

Have a great rest of 2014. Here's to a new year! (And many cups of tea.)
Jordan x

December 20, 2014

Maybelline Brow Drama Review

Hello, my loves! Today is another makeup product review. It's been a while since I've done one of these, but a few days ago I bought something from Maybelline and I want to tell you all about it!

This is the Maybelline Eyestudio Brow Drama. It's a tinted eyebrow gel to keep the caterpillars in place while giving them a hint of color! There are three shades in the range but I got the darkest, Deep Brown.

I absolutely love this brush. Look at how cool it is! If gives you the perfect amount of product; not too much, not too little.

The picture to the left is my natural brow with no product in. The picture on the right is my eyebrow with the Brow Drama gel, nothing else! I have fairly light eyebrows so when I have nothing on but the gel, it gives my brows a nice, natural looking tint!

In this set of pictures, the one to the left is my eyebrow filled in as I normally would. The picture to the right is my everyday brow routine + the gel. I fill in my brows with powder, so they can tend to look a bit matte and fake. The Brow Drama gel brings back some of the 'liveliness' and sheen of the brows, while also combing them back into place! It doesn't like much of a difference in these pictures, but it's easier to see in person!


Overall, I'd give the Maybelline Eyestudio Brow Drama a 4.5 out of 5. It's a great product, but it can leave your eyebrows feeling a little hard and crunchy. There's not anything you can do about it as it's literally mascara for your eyebrows! You get used to it anyway. Go try it out for yourself!

Thanks for reading, and Happy Holidays!
Jordan x

December 10, 2014


Hello, my friends! As most of you know, I'm a fan of social media. I love to look at other people's blogs and Instagrams see what kind of stuff they get up to. As long as I can remember, I've seen these #OOTDs all over the place. For the few people who've never heard of it before, OOTD stands for Outfit of the Day. It's basically just people taking pictures of their outfits and talking you through what they're wearing. I thought if they can do it, so can I!

This is a new type of blog post for me. I've never done anything fashion related before! There's no real significance behind this outfit, but I thought it was cute and simple and a little bit edgy, so naturally I wanted to share it with you guys. Anyway, let's get on with it.

This is my complete outfit:
Shirt- Jacky Oversized Tunic Top from Boohoo $14.00
Leggings- No Boundaries Zipper Ponte Pant from Walmart $13.88
Shoes- Critely Bootie from Blowfish $49.00
(Note: Sadly the outfit does not come with a chihuahua!)

The leggings go up to a little over my hip and are super stretchy and cool. I don't wear jeans often because they're rough and uncomfortable, so if I'm gonna wear leggings all the time, the least I can do is make them fancy leggings! These make me feel super classy and punk at the same time; they're great!

The pockets do unzipper, but you can't fit much in there. I usually slip in a hair grip or two for when I want to fix my hair on the go.

And these are my shoes. My lovely, lovely shoes.

I've never gotten shoes from Blowfish before, but I absolutely love them! They're very comfortable and sturdy. I don't think they'll fall apart any time soon! *knocks on wood*

That's it for my outfit of the day! I hope this has given you inspiration in some way, shape or form. I apologize in advance if any of the clothing items are discontinued by the time you read this. Also I apologize for the lack of close ups on the pants; it's kind of hard to photograph yourself when you're a one man band! I hope you forgive me.

Happy December!
Jordan x

December 1, 2014

When I Grow Up

Hello, everyone! Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my blog. A year of travelling, friend-making, risk-taking and goal-completing. And now, 30 blog posts and 2,400 views later, here I am still loving every second of it.

Like I say in my 'About Me' page, this blog not only serves as a place to review products and share recipes; it also doubles as my diary. I'm at the point in my life where I only have a couple years left of school and have to start thinking about 'my future'. People are asking me what I plan on doing after I graduate, and I have so many plans, but everything seems so far-fetched and I'm always losing track of them.

I was laying in bed one night watching YouTube videos - as one does - and I started taking mental notes of the YouTubers' lives; things I liked, things I didn't like, things I'd want for myself when I'm older. I thought I'd put them down on (virtual) paper so whoever reads this will hold me to it! I thought now, being the one year milestone of my online antics, would be the perfect time to share my list with you. Here it goes!

Buy Cruelty Free Makeup

Wear Rings

Take Great Photos

Travel Everywhere

Have Cute Knick-Knacks

Wake Up Early

Use Reusable Water Bottles (Not Plastic)

Use Cloth Grocery Bags

Eat Unusual Healthy Foods

Drink More Tea

Go Outside

Wear Blazers

(Try To) Be Vegan

Be My Own Boss

That's it for today! I'm sure I'll be adding onto the list as time goes on, but for now this is all I hope to do with my life. (You know, besides the whole 'marriage and kids' thing.)

I want to say a big 'thank you' to everyone whose supported me throughout this year, whether you were there from the start or joined me somewhere along the way. Your encouraging words and input give me the motivation to keep going, and I couldn't thank you enough!

Remember, if I could go after my dreams and make something out of it, so can you.

Here's to another year!
Jordan x