April 20, 2017

I Need Your Help

Hello, everyone! Today's blog post is a very exciting one for me.

3 years ago as of this month, I started writing a book. I've told a select few about my literary endeavors, but I've kept the majority of it under wraps in fear of humiliating myself.

The book is essentially a guide on how to get through life in one piece.

This book shows you how to...

- strengthen your mind and body.
- overcome physical and mental illness.
- alleviate the stress of everyday life.
- cook quick and healthy meals.
- accentuate your natural beauty.
- recover from past relationships.
- be the happiest you've ever been.

 There are so many layers and levels to this book that my explanations cannot do it justice! If I had to describe it, however, it would be a cross between an autobiography and a manual on how to be insanely happy, mixed with a hint of a cook book.

The book is nowhere near finished because the information I want to include in it can only be learned over time, which is why I need your help. My questions for you, my beloved audience, is what would you like the answers to? What do you want to learn about? What advice can I include in this book to make your life easier?

If you could, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post or click over to the 'Contact' tab on my blog to shoot me an email! The faster you send in you queries, the faster I can finish the book!

I am not going to share the title with you because I want it to be a surprise, but just know that this book will have the answers to everything. Well, almost.

Until next time,
Jordan x

March 27, 2017

Things to Not Worry About (Your Future)

Hey, everyone!

I had a mental breakdown last night. It was nothing out of the ordinary, and frankly I'm surprised it didn't happen earlier on in the evening. Although I'm extremely prone to panic attacks, the one I had last night was nothing like my usual ones. This mental breakdown came from a place of sadness and hopelessness rather than extreme nervousness. There was still crying and the complete disintegration of my mind, but rather than shaking and losing control over my body, I just sat there.

I was with my boyfriend last night when I started feeling gross. The past few days had put a bit of a stress on our relationship, and yesterday the negativity kind of added up. My meltdown was brought on by our conversation we had in my driveway after he had driven me home.

We talked about our minor issues, like why I would become so unhappy towards the end of every evening we spent together. (The answer was because I'd get tired and we couldn't find anything to do/watch on Netflix that we were both interested in.)

Opening up this door led me to thinking about other issues within our relationship; issues that weren't even issues yet. I started thinking about our future together, and if our extremely different lifestyles, beliefs, and interests would eventually make us hate each other. Opening up this door led me to opening every other door imaginable. I started to question my future with everything.

Sam suggested that the reason I'm so anxious all the time is because I obsess over the future. Although I think it's important to plan for your future, I realized that he was totally right. I worry about what might happen years from now rather than enjoying the present. I plan for the worst case scenario, which prevents me from being able to relax, which in turn poisons the 'here and now'.

We came to the conclusion that since we are such different people, we give and receive love in different ways. I need way more reassurance than he does. It doesn't necessarily mean our relationship is doomed, it just means we need to adapt to each other.

I still worry about things like where I'll end up, and what I'll be doing with my life, and if the guy I love now is the guy I'll love forever. However, I've realized that worrying about those things doesn't make them any better! Stressing out about your future doesn't stop it from happening. I've also realized that a relationship's success isn't predetermined by the couple's traits or differences; it's determined by your effort and your willingness to make things work. It's about deciding you love each other enough to overcome anything.

Long story short, things only work if you make them work. You'll only figure out what you want to do with your life by doing things. You'll only figure out where you belong by going out and exploring. So go out, make stuff happen, and don't let anything - including yourself - get between you and the things you love.

Until next time,
Jordan x

February 28, 2017

How's Life?

Hello, babies! I apologize for the lack of blog postage in February. This month has been surprisingly hectic, and I've had no idea what to post. When you've been blogging for 3 years, original ideas are hard to come across.

Embracing my brain fart and my busy life, I decided to make today's post about what's been goin' on over the past couple of months. In this post you will see where I've been, what I've been eating, and who I've spent my time with (mostly Sam). Enjoy! 

On January 3rd, Moose enjoyed one of his favorite snacks. Can you guess what it is?

On January 9th, my mom and I went out for lunch at the smallest cafe I've ever seen. The iced mocha I was drinking was infused with cinnamon and cayenne and called the Heartbreak Hotel. It was AMAZING.

On January 15th, Sam and I celebrated our one month anniversary by taking his dog to the park!

On January 21st, Sam pretended to steer a boat while eating candied cashews.

On February 3rd, my sister drove us all around Wisconsin to pick up her concert tickets.

On February 10th, I experimented with tomatoes and burrata, a mozzarella ball filled with shredded mozzarella and cream.

On February 12th, Sam and I created a pesto pasta dish and watched the Grammys!

On Valentine's Day, I got a new shirt...

... and the cutest letter of all time.

On February 18th and 19th, I vlogged my weekend. Click the video above to check it out!

On February 21st, I figured out that I was 34% Scandinavian and 0% Irish. Who woulda thought?!

On February 26th, Sam and I discovered a cafe in Milwaukee that happens to be the perfect mixture of our personalities; biker hippy!

Today, Sam and I started off the morning with our respective coffees and relaxed on the couch.

Later on in the day, we met up during his lunch break for a quick enchilada in my car!

I hope you somewhat enjoyed looking back on my first two months of the year. To answer the question that I titled the post with, life is pretty darn good! I'll see you soon for my next post! I promise it won't take another month.

Until then,
Jordan x

January 30, 2017

2017 Bucket List

Hello, my lovely people! I hope you've all had a decent start to the new year. 

2017 is going to be a very big year for me. Over the next 12 months I will be entering adulthood, graduating from high school, and going to college. Between those 3 major life events, I plan to fill my schedule with 'bucket list' activities to make 2017 the best year of my life thus far.

So, without further ado, here's my list of things to do!

Explore My Hometown
I've spent nearly 2 decades living in and around my hometown, but I've only seen what I'm exposed to on my daily routes. This summer before I move to Milwaukee for college, I'm going to take some time to explore my hometown and appreciate where I come from. I'm going to attend the summer festivals, the water shows, and the street fairs. Rather than saying my hometown is holding me back, I'm going to experience what it has to offer and figure out why most people that graduate from my high school decide to stay here.

Vacation with Friends
Parents are great and everything, but there's something about being with people in the same age bracket with similar mindsets that feels extremely liberating. Being with friends gives you the freedom to make your own rules, schedule, and bedtime. Young adults would agree that it gives us a sense of maturity and control over our lives, which - if managed wisely - can make life all the more enjoyable.

This summer, my boyfriend and I plan on going camping, renting a bungalow up north, and possibly going to California. We want to go everywhere our budget will allow us! Like I said in my last post though, over-planning leads to disappointment. I'm going to keep an open mind about our worldly endeavors and remember that the best trips are the spontaneous ones!

Get in Tune with My Body
I'm not sure what this means yet, but I know I'm in way more physical pain than I should be. This year I'm going to listen to my body and take steps towards making myself feel better naturally. I'm going to lessen my reliance on pharmaceuticals such as ibuprofen and try to heal myself with things like meditation, pilates, or yoga.

Get Tattoos
I want to get a few tattoos this year. My sister and I are going to get matching tattoos at some point, and for my 18th birthday in May, I plan on starting my sleeve. You'll have to wait to see what I get!

Grow Out My Hair
Whenever I try to grow out my hair, I get annoyed with it and tell myself I'd look better with it short. This leads to a 6-month period of me looking like a 12-year-old girl if my hair is not perfectly styled, which it usually isn't. This year, I am going to grow my hair out to see if it makes me look any better.

Accept Life
Just yesterday, I decided to indulge in a couple Reese's Peanut Butter Cups that I had been saving for a rainy day. When I opened up my purse to get them out, I discovered that someone had stole them. They were only 89 cents, but it made me SO UPSET. I had bought them with my own money and had been saving them for a desperate time, and they weren't there. Sometimes your candy gets stolen and you just gotta deal with it. Not everything goes the way we want it to, and that's something I'm going to work on accepting this year.

Those are all my goals and ambitions for 2017! Stay tuned to see if I end the year with long hair, a start on my tattoo sleeve, a better mindset, and more worldly experiences!

See you soon,
Jordan x