February 20, 2014

Greatest Vegetable Fried Rice Ever

Greetings, everyone! My dearest apologies for the lack of posts recently. It's been quite the task, setting up this blog and coming up with ideas on what to write about. I worked hard in December to get everything sorted and ready for launching, so January was sort of my relaxation month. I then planned on making a post or two about Valentine's Day, but I just hadn't got the time. But I'm back now and more determined than ever to create the best, most visually appealing content for your little eyes! I hope you stick around!

Today's post is all about the wondrous world of fried rice. If this doesn't tickle your taste buds just by the looks of it, I don't know what will! This is a great dish for any occasion. Any kind of party, gathering, shindig or get-together would be the perfect opportunity to whip out this recipe and make mouths water!

At first, I wasn't quite sure which direction I was going to go in, but I'm very happy with the results! From my eyeballed measurements and lack of knowledge on the expansion of rice, I estimate this dish feeds up to 2 or 3 people. If you're cooking for more than 3, you can easily double or triple the amounts of ingredients you use.


For this recipe, you will need:
2 medium-sized carrots
1/2 large yellow onion
1/2 poblano pepper
Chives (optional)
Toasted sesame seed oil
Liquid Aminos (Subsitute for soy sauce)
A whole lot of coconut oil (or other cooking oil of your choice)


Step One:
Make your rice 10 to 20 minutes in advance. For this recipe, I used 1 and 1/2 cups of milling rice to 2 cups of water. This made enough rice for 1 to 2 people. Depending on the type of rice you use and how many people you're cooking for, you can double or triple the ratio they print on the package. I initially chose this rice because it was the only kind I had in my pantry, but later found it worked great for this recipe!

Step Two:
Chop up all your vegetables. It doesn't necessarily matter which style you cut your vegetables in, but I went for the class chop. Whilst getting your vegetables ready for sautéing, scoop a solid 2 to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil into your pan. This gives it time to warm up and melt so it's ready to go when you finish preparing the veg'. When your coconut oil is fully melted and your pan is warmed through, you can add in your vegetables.

Step Three:
Once your onions are translucent and your carrots soft, it's time to add your toasted sesame seed oil, Liquid Aminos (soy sauce) and Sriracha. You need to make it extra flavourful at this stage, as it's harder to add more later when you've already got your rice in. Let this bubble away for a couple minutes so all the flavours can marry.

Step Four:
Chuck in your rice! Incorporate your vegetables into the rice and mix thoroughly. I find it easier to combine them when I'm using two utensils such as wooden spoons. If necessary, add anything more you need to make your rice taste as best as it possibly can! If you're looking to add a bit more colour to your meal, finely chop some chives and add those to the mix! Adding them at the last minute gives a nice freshness and texture to the dish. Might as well throw some on top as a garnish!

Step Five:
Dig in! I feel there's nothing more satisfying than enjoying the fruits of your labour! Share with your friends and family, or maybe pack it for lunch tomorrow! Grab some Tupperware and take the party with you wherever you go!

Well there you have it, folks! Five easy steps to one of the greatest, healthiest, most delicious meals you will taste in a very long time! I hope this has aided you or gave you some inspiration on what to make next! You can always tweak the recipe to your own taste. Don't be scared to make it your own! If you're not interested in making it yourself, I hope you at least enjoyed the pictures!

I had such a great time making this. I love to cook, and I hope I've encouraged you to do something creative with the things in your cupboards! If you'd like to see more posts like this, please let me know by clicking the comment button below and leaving some reassuring messages! Leave any food suggestions you have as well!

Thank you for being so patient with me!

Jordan x

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  1. I'm very hungry now!! The recipie seems very cooking-challenged friendly. I really LOVE the pictures too. Beautiful stuff.