May 5, 2014

My Thoughts in a Day

Hello, everyone! So last night when thinking of blog posts I could write for you lot, I came up with a brilliant idea. I'm sure I'm not the first to do this, but I decided to track all my thoughts in one day. There's no real meaning behind this post but who knows, maybe I could use it for a psychology report one day! The more I think about making this, the dumber it seems. So lets get into it, shall we?

10:16 (Waking up) It's too bright in here.

10:22 I'm going to have to get out of bed and go to the bathroom soon.

10:54 Why does my house smell of eggs?

11:12 I wish I had cable television.

11:19 How genius is a picnic basket with different compartments?!

11:22 I want to grow out my hair like Zoella.

11:34 There's so many things I want to do today; I should make a list.

11:42 Leftover Chinese food is the best Chinese food.

12:05 I could so be an actress.

12:39 I love blankets.

15:15 Chalkboard spray paint sounds like a good idea.

15:20 (Whilst spray painting my wall) I've never spray painted anything before, how do I know if I'm doing this right?

15:21 I hope I don't get my hamster high.

15:26 Who originally thought about putting wheels in hamsters' cages?

16:06 "If only you saw what I can see..."

16:24 I could be a business woman!

17:49 Am I in the mood for a hot or cold drink?

18:30 Will I do for my birthday this year?

19:54 I wanna go see a movie.

20:24 I know less about technology than I thought.

20:27 Pizza?

20:31 How did someone ever come up with musical notes?

21:08 How do I get on the Ellen show?

21:18 Gosh, I love smoothies.

21:24 How cool would it be if I got to interview somebody?!

21:28 I'm gonna have great style one day.

21:32 A little scroll through Instagram won't hurt.

23:18 Bad idea.

12:02 Maybe I should get an early night so I can be productive tomorrow.

1:35 I'm still hungry.

1:36 I can't get up now, I'm in my bed!

1:36 So cozy.

2:06 I can't sleep.

2:24  Where did the word 'adhesive' come from? Who invented the word 'adhere'? I wonder if inventing words is like discovering a new disease or a new species of bug; do you just create a word based on your name and put a meaning to it? Like the expression, "I'm just joshin' ya," I bet you Josh doesn't have a clue about how famous he is now! If I were to create a word, it'd have a plethora of meanings. I'd want it to either be a compliment or one of those weird words you say when you're frustrated like, "Aw rats!" I wish I would've invented the word 'fooey'.

2:38 Okay, time for bed.

Thanks for reading this short, pointless blog post! Tracking all of your thoughts in a day is harder than I expected! I had a lot of fun making this, so I tag you to do the same! Whether you make a blog post put of it or write them down in a notebook, try tracking all of your thoughts in a day. I'd love to read your minds!

Have a wonderful May!
Jordan x

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