November 1, 2015

Halloween and the Autumn Scene!

Hello, friends! Happy November! I hope you all had a lovely Halloween/start to the season. Today's post is a simple catch up of the month of October and what I got up to!

A couple of weekends ago, Matt's family and I spent the day at a pumpkin farm. We pet some goats, ate apple cider donuts, went on a hayride, maneuvered a corn maze made for 4 year olds, and picked out our very own pumpkins!

 After our pumpkin picking, we went back home to carve them. From left to right, the pumpkins are carved by Laura, Matt, Bonnie, Ed, me, and Emily!

Matt and I's pumpkins. We went for very different approaches!

Fast forward 4 days and it was Matt's birthday! For dinner, we went out for a stir fry. Afterwards went home afterwards to open his presents.

I got him a pair of sweatpants (that I gave to him as an early present), a pair of Green Bay Packer slippers (that I was honestly debating whether or not to keep for myself), a glass bowl (as an inside joke), some lotion to keep in his backpack (also kind of an inside joke), and a Clarisonic Mia.

And then it was HALLOWEEN! We went as spooky skeletons. Yes, we made our own costumes.

After spending 5 hours making Matt's shirt and applying our faces, we went to a Halloween party. We had a great night with some great friends!

That was it for the month of October. I hope you enjoyed this post; I know I did! Now we can start the countdown to CHRISTMAS!

Until next time,
Jordan x

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