March 20, 2016


Hello, everybody! I hope you all had a great St. Patrick's Day! Today is the first official day of Spring, which means the weather is getting warmer, which means the travel season is upon us! When it gets warm outside, I love to break out of my winter hibernation and go somewhere new and exciting.

If you know me, you'll know that people watching is my favorite hobby. I love to study humans: the way we walk, dress, interact with others, the way we sit, what we eat, etc. When I come across new people in these new and exciting places, I love to secretly take pictures of them. I don't do it to be creepy, I'm just so freakin' fascinated by our species!

Today, I am going to share with you some of the pictures I took of people from over the years, from all over the place. Enjoy, you fellow creeps!

London, England

Street performer talking with a lady. I wonder if anything ever came of them!

You'll have to zoom into this picture to really appreciate it. There are SO MANY PEOPLE!


This guy. Look at all the different fashion styles in the background!

Street dancers!

Another zoom-in-to-appreciate picture.

The COOLEST tour bus guide around!

The CUTEST tour bus 'agent' around! He was actually really nice although he looks kind of harsh in this picture. I understand, food is more important.

That kid's face though.

Not gonna lie: I thought this guy was Elton John for a second.

Brighton, England

I took this photo on the Brighton Pier, and it's one of my favorite pictures to this day! Not because of the picture itself, but because of what happened after I took it.

At the time, I thought I was sneakily snapping a picture of some native British teens. When I went into the photo gallery on my camera to check out the picture I just took, I noticed some of the people in the photo were waving at me. When I looked up from my camera screen, all 11 of them were now either waving at me or smiling!

I was so surprised at how cool they were about being photographed by some weird American girl! It made me so happy. I feel like I made some friends that day!

This was a little boy right off of the pier. I believe he was with his grandparents. I'm pretty sure I was making the same face when I was looking at the souvenirs!

My dad chatting up some elders.

Chicago, Illinois

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I really liked this girl's leg tattoo. And look how the light is shining on her! Just beautiful.

Some Pumpkin Patch, Wisconsin

This cute little boy was on a hay ride with his parents. On the other side of the canvas next to him was an announcement that he was going to be an older brother. His parents spent the whole hayride trying to get a good picture of him with the sign, but he kept shuffling around. At least he looked stylish while he did it!

That's it for today's creepy post! Let me now if you'd like to see more pictures of people in the future! I haven't been on that many worldly trips, but hopefully that will change soon and I can take more pictures of strangers!

See you on my next adventure!

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  1. thumbs up Jordan. I love people watching too!