May 30, 2017

My New Tattoo

Hello, everyone! How are you all?!

My 18th birthday was on the 15th of May, and I decided to celebrate by starting my tattoo sleeve. In today's post, I will be showing you my tattoo and talking you through the reasons I got it.

I've always been a fan of hot bodies and beautiful faces, regardless of the sex of the person they belonged to. However, I am especially fond of the female body and all of the amazing, wondrous things it is capable of. I think women are some of the most magnificent things to ever walk the earth, and I knew I wanted some sort of tattoo to celebrate them. Rather than getting a pair of boobs etched into my skin, I decided to get a portrait of one of the most powerful women I know instead.

My tattoo is a stylized image of Cher, a famous singer. I drew the portrait myself and it now lives on my upper left arm!

Cher became famous in the '60s as a 16-year-old, singing with her boyfriend, Sonny. Throughout Cher's 50 years in the spotlight, she's done everything from singing, to hosting, to acting. I was exposed to Cher's talent - and elaborate costumes - by my mom around the age of four, and as I've gotten older and learned more about the multi-facetted woman, I realized that she might just be the most badass female out there.

Not only was Cher the epitome of natural beauty in her first few decades, but she has the most bold, fiery personality to match. Cher has been known to speak her mind and not take s*** from anybody, and she appears completely unfazed by the opinions people have about her, which is something I wish I was strong enough to overcome. Cher is a nearly perfect example of what every woman should be: strong, confident, independent, and ever-changing.

This tattoo is a reminder to be confident and indestructible. My life is promising and full of possibilities, because I am a woman, and I am capable of anything. 

I got my tattoo done by Samantha Weeks at Serenity Ink in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The tattoo took nearly 4 hours.

Thanks for reading! Until next time,
Jordan x

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