September 20, 2014

Ed Sheeran Concert

Hello, everyone! A few days ago, my family and I went to the Ed Sheeran concert in Rosedale, Illinois. It was absolutely magical! The concert was everything you'd expect from him and more, and I'm here to tell you all about it.

The first time I saw Ed was 2 years ago on the 11th of September. In 2012, his venue was an old theatre and general admission was only $25.00! Back then, it was only him, his guitar and a microphone onstage. It was a very chilled, intimate experience and I couldn't help but get enthralled by his mesmerizing voice! 2 years later, after all his television appearances, tours with incredibly famous celebrities and a triple in popularity, it was exactly the same.

Now before we can get to Ed, I must tell you about the opening act. I must say, the man has a great taste in music. In 2012 his opening act was Passenger, whom I now deem as one of my favourite artists of all time. This time around, his opener was an act called Rudimental. If you're from the UK, you might've heard of them. When I first heard their name, I was expecting a hardcore, punk rock band. Turns out, they're super awesome! Rudimental is a group of nine people who sing beautifully and play all different types of instruments. There's even a trumpet! They all looked like they were having a blast onstage which gave off an exciting energy and really pumped up the audience. It was lovely!

After about an hour of jamming by Rudimental, is was time for Ed.

He opened with a sped up version of I'm a Mess and the crowd went wild. I forgot how cute he was!

Not to mention, he's rocking the facial hair.

Everything after that was a glorious blur, but thank goodness I took pictures. Enjoy!


I hope you've enjoyed these pictures of Ed! He really is the nicest, funniest guy you'll ever see. If you haven't got the chance to hear him live yet, click here for his upcoming tour dates! You won't regret it.

See you next time!
Jordan x

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