October 3, 2014

Dealing With Stress

Hello, everyone! This is a very spur-of-the-moment post, but I feel like it's something most people should hear. I've never written anything like this before, so please bear with me!

I'm currently in school, and for those of you in the same boat, attending high school/college/university, I'm 110% sure you can relate to the stress that homework, assignments, tests and quizzes can bring us. Recently, some of my friends have been opening up about their school-related anxiety, and it pains me to see all of the people I love under so much pressure. The worst part of the situation is that I feel as if I'm unable to help them at all. All I'm successfully able to do is offer them my ears and a shoulder to cry (or possibly hyperventilate) on.

Recently, I grew fed up with the title of the 'okay friend' that can only acknowledge your problems without any surefire way to get rid of them; so I scoured the far corners of my mind in search of the Cure to Anxiety and I think I may have cracked the code! I looked back to all of the times I've ever felt stressed and anxious and remembered what it was that helped me in the past. Using my prior knowledge with a mixture of tips I've received over the past year or so, I've come up with the surefire way to prevent/rebound from an anxiety attack. It's more promising than it sounds!

1.) Separate Yourself from the Source
If your schoolwork is stressing you out, take a break. If your family is causing you anxiety, excuse yourself. The stress isn't going to go away if you continue to suffocate yourself with the source!

2.) Take a Deep Breath
Deep breaths give your body the signal to relax. When you're having a panic attack, steady breathing can be quite difficult to maneuver; this normally causes more stress and panic. Try to control your breathing with deep, drawn out breaths. Put that moment into perspective and think about how small your problem is on the timeline of your life, let alone the earth!

3.) Don't Worry About Them
If you're in a public place where it's possible for people to see you, your mind can be consumed with the thought of what they're thinking of you. Do not worry about it. You can always explain to them later in as much or as little detail as you want. At this point in time, you need to focus on you!

4.) Find a Good Playlist
I find that music is the best way to get your mind off a stressful topic. Make a playlist of your favourite artists  (preferably their slow songs), sit down or curl up in bed and just listen. My favorite chilled out artist is a man by the name of Josh Record. Click here for my playlist of his greatest songs!

5.) Cry
We all know that's what it's coming to! It's completely okay to have a cry. Crying is the final release of all the stress; you must get rid of it!

6.) Put On Some Comfy Clothes
Do it. Don't you feel so much better?!

7.) Watch Your Favorite Program
Whether that'd be on TV, Netflix or YouTube, switch on an episode of your favorite show and grab some snacks to go with it!

8.) Sleep
You need it.

I hoped this has helped at least one of you in the search for a cure! Remember, as important as you think schoolwork is, your sanity and happiness is far more valuable. You can always go back to it! Of course, this doesn't only apply to students. These steps can be helpful for people with all different sources of anxiety.

If you have any other tips, feel free leave them in the comments section below so we can help each other out! Thank you very much for reading and I shall see you later!

Have a wonderful October!
Jordan x

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  1. Jordan, I love you so freaking much! I'm so glad that you posted this, I really needed this. You're a stupendous friend and this post has been a very helpful read. Thank you for your advice, I'll be sure to use it in the near future. Love, Alivia xx