August 5, 2015

Cruelty Free NYX Beauty Haul

Hello, buddies! Up until a few weeks ago, I was in desperate need of some new makeup products. My mascara was getting dry and clumpy, my concealer was over a year old, and my angled brush was getting less and less angled every day. I decided it was time to go to Ulta and pick out some new products!

As you know, I am trying to keep my life as animal-friendly as possible, so I made sure I bought makeup that was 100% cruelty-free. Also, NYX was having a 40% off sale. It's like it was meant to be!

Here are a few bits and bobs I got on my hunt and what I think of them. Enjoy!

The first thing I purchased was a new concealer; the NYX Hi Definition Photo Concealer Wand, to be exact. The last concealer I had, I got in (approximately) January of 2014. It was also a NYX Concealer Wand, and although it was good at its job, it was way too light for me. And, it was over a year old.

I got it in the shade CW10. Even though I have yellow undertones to my skin, it is still quite yellow on me. That being said, it works wonders at covering dark undereyes by counteracting the purple. It dries to a dewy finish.

Oh, and it's cruelty free!

When in Ulta, I also picked up a new mascara. This is the Le Frou Frou, lengthening and voluminizing mascara. To be honest, I don't think it gives much volume to the lashes. It simply lengthens without any clumpage.

The mascara wand is designed for minimal wastage. In the picture, it looks like there is no product on the brush but there really is! It is extremely hard to get too much product on the brush. This makes for a very light application.

Also cruelty free.

Finally, I picked up the cutest little makeup brush you've ever seen! This is the NYX Angle Liner Brush. If you are viewing this on a computer, yes, this is its actual size.

The brush is extremely thin width-wise and has a much sharper edge than my ELF angled brush. This makes for a more precise line. I find that this brush is not the best for actually filling in the brows, because the brush is so dense that it ends up taking off the product in the places you apply it. My eyebrow routine now is to fill in my eyebrows with the slightly fluffier ELF brush and finish off the edges with the NYX brush. This makes for a more natural brow in the middle and a more precise brow around the edges.

This is what the products look like on my face! I probably should've taken a 'before' picture. I used the concealer under my eyes and on my T-zone. (You can probably figure out where I put everything else!) Overall, I am very impressed with these products and I'd buy them all again!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and I'll see you all next time for a post about Jatt Road Trip #2. Stay tuned!

Until then,
Jordan x

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