August 12, 2014

England Adventures: The Journey Begins

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the first day of our English holiday! In this post is our arrival, a challenging commute to London, and a bad fish dinner.


This was my first ever view of England; from ground level at least! We had flown into the small town of Mildenhall and were sat here, waiting for a taxi to the train station. Looking back on it the view wasn't that marvelous, but anything on the ground looks good to you after an uncomfortable 8 hour plane ride!

On the countryside taxi ride, we passed this glorious looking church that we were told took over 200 years to build. This was the best picture I could get out of the minuscule taxi cab window!

Back of a cute guy at the ticket booth.

Sister doing her hair on the train!

Sister sleeping on the train.

After a 70 mile train ride and a series of horrendous tube journeys...

We finally made it to London!

This was the view from our hotel room window. To England natives this view is nothing spectacular, but to my fellow Americans, the type of architecture seen almost everywhere in this picture is very uncommon. I think the most fascinating thing about the whole trip was seeing the different types of houses and buildings people lived in!

The very best part of the view from our hotel room was that you could see The Shard!

We then went out for a family dinner at a place called Fishcoteque. My sister, mom and I went for the classic fish and chips whilst my dad opted for a cheese and onion pasty. None of us liked our meals and I think it's safe to say we'd never go back!

That concludes our first day in the UK! I have to admit, the first day was the most stressful, but we didn't let a stuffy commute and bad dinner ruin our night. I'm very proud of my family for sticking together and patiently putting up with each other throughout all the chaos. Things could've been a lot worse!

And so the journey continues...

See you very soon for Day 2! Jordan x

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