December 7, 2015

Jordan's 12 Days of Blogmas- Christmas Movies to Watch

Greetings, you Christmas cuties! Welcome to Blogmas post #3! Can't decide which Christmas movies to watch this season? Let me help you out!

The Santa Clause Trilogy
I love the Santa Clause movies with a passion. I remember being a little kid, sitting on the couch before our Christmas parties and watching these films! Tim Allen's a great actor, and the setting is unreal. There are 3 Santa Clause movies, and they're all fantastic!

Flat out, one of the best Christmas movies of all time. Will Ferrell is hilarious, and who can get over the talking narwhal?

The Polar Express
Upon recommendation from Matt. Who wants some hot chocolate?!

The Night Before
This is definitely not a movie for your grandma, but it's absolutely hilarious. All of the actors are fantastic and the storyline addresses so many good and bad aspects of life. Did I mention it's HILARIOUS? I think this might be a new Christmas tradition. And it's still in theaters!

Those are just a few of my festive movie suggestions! I hope you take the time to sit down with your loved ones (or by yourself) and give these movies a gander! I promise you'll love ALL of them.

I'll see you on the 9th for another Blogmas post!

Jordan x

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  1. Well written Jordan. Thanks for the ideas☺