December 11, 2015

Jordan's 12 Days of Blogmas- Gift Guide for Men

Greetings, Santa's little helpers! Most likely when you think of the people you want to give gifts to, someone of the male gender comes to mind. The only problem is, men are notoriously hard to buy for. Buying for your male friends or family members can be extremely difficult, even if you've known them for literally your whole life.

If you're struggling to decide what to get the men in your life, let me help you out! Also, if you haven't started your Christmas shopping yet, you should probably get on it!
A Grooming/Skin Care Kit

Skin Care:
MEN NEED TO CLEANSE AND MOISTURIZE TOO! Taking care of your skin is not just an activity for women! If your men don't take care of their skin, they won't be charming or handsome for much longer! Cleansing your skin helps to prevent clogged pores and acne. Moisturizing your skin keeps it hydrated and young-looking! Save your men from premature wrinkles!

If he's new to skin care, stick with something simple. You don't want to scare him with toners or serums! Also, I would recommend avoiding overly-scented products. Normally, things with artificial scents have other artificial ingredients that you don't want to put on your skin.

Whether they like it or not, all men will inevitably grow facial hair. A grooming kit makes the perfect fancy-yet-casual gift, and is an easy way to tell your beloved man that he needs to sort out his face. You can find a nice grooming kit for any man, whether he likes to be clean shaven or a little bit scruffy!

Sports Things
If your brother/dad/significant other is into a sport, this may be the gift genre for you! What better way to show his pride in a team than with a piece of their gear? If they're really into the sport, there's really no wrong gift. I recommend an article of clothing, a vintage collectable, or if you're feeling really generous, maybe a ticket to one of their games!
Hobby Things
If the men in your life have any hobbies or interests, get them gifts that reflect their passions. If your boyfriend is into cars, get him something car-related! If your dad likes to golf, get him something to do with golf! This is a good way to make their gifts relevant to what they like.
Gift Cards
This is probably the safest, most fail-proof gift to get the guys in your life! Gift cards are extremely versatile. For the gift-giver, it's a cross between buying someone a present and simply giving them money. The person buying the gift card decides where to get it from, while the person receiving the gift card decides what they want to buy with it. If your boyfriend/brother/dad has a favorite restaurant, get them a gift card for it! If they like a particular coffee shop, buy a couple of their drinks for them in advance!

Those are a few of my ideas on what to get the men in your life for Christmas! I hope this has helped you out. Stay tuned for my next post, a gift guide for women!

See you soon!
Jordan x

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