December 9, 2015

Jordan's 12 Days of Blogmas- Jatt Makes a Gingerbread Village

Hello, you mini Christmas puddings! How are you all today? On this fun installment of Blogmas, Matt and I make a gingerbread village!

Let's get started!

Instead of making the cookies ourselves, I bought this handy, pre-baked kit from Walmart. 

Time for the construction.

These were my two houses!

I didn't construct this one very well, as you can see.

I did much better on my second attempt!

Rather than decorate both sides of my house, I decided to keep one side plain, because I liked the simple look!

These were Matt's two houses.

It's safe to say that his were much better constructed than mine!

At least it's sturdy!

That was our gingerbread village, constructed! I hope you enjoyed watching us put our ammateur carpentry skills to the test. I think I've established that I should not build houses for a living! Well, you learn something new every day.

See you in 48 hours for another Blogmas post!
Jordan x

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