December 17, 2015

Jordan's 12 Days of Blogmas: Holiday Party Outfits

Hello, you ugly Christmas sweaters! How are you all today? What's that I hear? You can't decide which gay apparel to don for your next Christmas party? Let me help you out!

I may not be a fashion expert, but when it comes to Christmas, I know exactly what to wear. So sit back and relax as I raid your Christmas closet!

A Knitted Dress

If you're a young woman (or a fashionable man), a knitted dress might be the option for you! This is the Louise Roll Neck Marl Knit Jumper Dress from Boohoo. I bought it recently - specifically for the holiday season - and I am in LOVE with it! This is the first item I've ever bought that was a turtleneck/winter dress/fitted dress/beigey color. I've literally never had anything like it before, and it pushed me well out of my comfort zone!

Knit dresses of this style are a great idea for a winter party. The fabric keeps you warm and cozy, the long sleeves and turtleneck keep you classy, and the length and slight tightness makes you positively beguiling. If I do say so myself.

I would pair this dress with black tights. As you would be wearing this to a Christmas party, you could wear green or red tights to be more festive!

A Festive Sweater

This is one of the safest, most comfortable Christmas outfits. You literally can't go wrong with a piece of clothing that's meant to be tacky and weird! Throughout the days following last year's Christmas, I took a lap around my local shopping center and went searching for discounted Christmas gear. I got the first 3 sweaters from Forever 21 for around $4.00 each!

If you love Ed Sheeran, the last sweater is perfect for you! My parents gifted it to me last Christmas, and I absolutely love it!  This is a deceptively unfestive sweater. If your someone that doesn't celebrate the traditional religious Christmas, or just don't like the holiday, this sweater can keep you from being questioned about your unfestiveness. Although Ed Sheeran jumper is kind of rare, you can find festive-but-not-Christmassy sweaters everywhere! I especially love the sweaters from Target.

I paired my sweaters with leggings and boots, although skinny jeans would also work very well. If you're a guy, simply switch out the leggings for a nice pair of khakis!

A Garish Cardigan

As soon as I saw this cardigan in the men's section at Target, I knew I had to buy it! It doesn't necessarily scream "Christmas", but I think it's a great alternative to something covered in snowflakes and Santas. This type of print is also great for non-Christmassy people, or people who are tired of the traditional red and green. I found this glorious ol' thing at Target! Also, thank you to Matt for modeling it for me. Isn't he gorgeous?!

I hope this has helped you pick out your wardrobe for your next holiday party! Now you'll be the most fashionable person at the shindig!

Stay tuned for my next Blomas post where I show you how to get a festive makeup look to go with your outfit!

Until then,
Jordan x

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